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You may be an unmarried parent who is trying to prevent your children from moving out-of-state with their other parent. You may be a parent seeking child support from your children’s other parent. Or you may want to legally prove that you are not the parent of a child. We have extensive experience in these highly stressful and complex cases. The Alabama family law system can be a massive labyrinth of deadlines, paperwork and court appearances. We have the experience that you need on your side. With nearly four decades of combined legal experience, our Alabama paternity lawyers are exactly who you want representing you no matter the complexity or intensity of your dispute.

One size does not fit all in paternity disputes. Customizing our approach to your case is one of the elements that distinguishes us. Based upon our attorneys’ long record of success, our approach works. Call our Alabama family disputes lawyers with any of your concerns about paternity. Some common scenarios involve:

  • Unmarried parents who disagree about visitation: There are any number of variations of time-sharing schedules which the parties can utilize to share the physical custody of their children. Our attorneys will discuss with you the types of plans which we feel are appropriate, practical and in the best interest of  the child or children involved. If the two parties cannot agree on the physical and legal custody of your child or children, the Court will make the necessary decisions and enter an Order in that regard. The Court does not automatically give custody of the child or children to the mother. Instead, the Court must decide which parent will best serve the best interests of the child or children.
  • A parent seeking child support from someone who denies paternity: We may be able to seek a Court order that forces the suspected parent to take a DNA test which will offer essential proof. In such cases, the sooner you call us, the sooner we can help you avoid some of the legal complexities involved in such cases. Furthermore, the sooner you call us, the sooner you may begin to receive the support that you are seeking.
  • A parent denied access to their children: If you are a Alabama parent who wants to see your children and influence their future but you do not have paternity legally established and/or do not have a set custody schedule, don’t wait to contact us. The sooner you do, the sooner you can get the custodial time you desire..
  • A parent being targeted for support payments though no paternity proof exists: You may have someone pursuing you for child support payments even though the child in question is not yours and/or even though you have paid the Court-ordered support payments. We can help you in such circumstances as well.

Contact us regardless of the paternity challenges that you face. We have the resources and the legal experience to help you achieve your goals.

Alabama Paternity Attorneys who Listen to Your Concerns

When an unmarried couple has a child and their romantic relationship ends, Alabama law related to child support, visitation rights, custody and other details must be accounted for. When paternity is not legally established, you may need legal assistance for this sensitive situation. The legal complexity involved must be trusted to experienced paternity attorneys who know how to address your concerns about legal issues, long-term financial details and the process for establishing paternity in Alabama.

Like all family law cases, there are at least two ways that these situations can proceed: contentious, combative, and aggressive or, calm, expeditious and resolute. When you retain our attorneys to represent you in a paternity case, you will find that our lawyers are exceptionally knowledgeable and capable of being aggressive, yet , over many years in the family law field, we have learned that firm negotiations often gets better results. Whatever the situation demands, we are prepared.

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