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If you are seeking Alabama parental relocation attorneys to assist you with a child custody and visitation issue, call the law office of Brunson, Barnett & Sherrer.  We have decades of experience with family law and we have the answers you need. You may be the parent trying to move away with your children or you may be a parent trying to prevent your children from being moved away. Whether you situation is contentious or amicable with your child’s other parent, our Alabama parental relocation attorneys have the experience and the resources necessary to represent your best interests. We represent clients from throughout Blount County, St. Clair County, Jefferson County and surrounding areas.

Even if you and your child’s other parent agree on the terms of the relocation, the court must approve any changes. If your visitation and custody arrangement has been approved by the court, you must get any changes, including parental relocation, formally approved or you risk serious penalties.

Our Alabama parental relocation attorneys at Brunson, Barnett and Sherrer, PC, can guide you through the process and help you achieve your goals. Contact us for the peace of mind that comes from following the legal steps correctly to ensure your long-term best interests.

Discuss the Details of Parental Relocation with Experienced Attorneys

By speaking with our experienced and skilled Alabama parental relocation attorneys, you will become familiar with some of the many strategies available to help you achieve your goals. Our Alabama parental relocation attorneys will listen to the details of your situation and take the time to discuss the many possible approaches. No matter what the details are regarding your situation, we will need to negotiate with responsible parties, file the appropriate legal paperwork and make a strong argument for the goals you want to achieve.

The court will consider multiple factors when determining if a move-away is in the child’s best interest. Though a parental relocation may be a positive development in the child’s life, there is no doubt that such a move will be a big change especially if it is a move of considerable distance. The court will consider the child’s age, the custodial arrangement, the reason for the proposed move, the distance of the move and many other factors. Regardless of the side of the issue you are on, you will need experienced family law attorneys on your side making a strong argument on your behalf.

Reach out to the Alabama parental relocation attorneys of Brunson, Barnett & Sherrer now for the aggressive, compassionate and knowledgeable family law attorneys you need.

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