Estate and Trust Administration

The administration of an estate or trust requires careful planning. Many decisions with substantial financial implications, difficult at any time, must be made during a period of mourning. Clients turn to Brunson, Barnett and Sherrer, PC, to manage their loved ones’ estate and trust administration. We efficiently handle our clients’ needs with compassion, freeing them to focus on their families and personal healing. In fact, our highly sensitive approach to communication and our extensive experience often causes clients to rely on us to handle personal matters beyond the legal issues in their time of grieving.

Our compassion and experience extend to other situations involving family crises. We frequently advise our clients in the areas of guardianship and conservatorship, guiding them through the process of seeking court intervention in order to help their loved ones when they are unable to help themselves.

Blending Efficient Administration with Tax Savings

The primary objectives of estate and trust administration are preserving estate and trust assets and minimizing tax liabilities. Estate and trust administration can have significant financial consequences for both current and future beneficiaries. In an effort to minimize income and estate taxes, while maximizing estate and trust income for beneficiaries, our process involves an extensive amount of collaboration between our estate planning, taxation and transactional attorneys at Brunson, Barnett and Sherrer, PC.

Our long-term stability and deep attorney-client relationships allow you to rest assured that we will make every effort to preserve and secure your family’s legacy.

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